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Customer Reviews

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*** has been very helpful every time I have placed an order.

I was so happy with my purchase. My dad's old standing radio looks great. The color of the material was not the same as I saw on the computer screen but "no worries".

called in directly and the service was great. The *** I worked with was super professional and the process was very easy. Only thing I would change is having to email you back a confirmation before you would process the order as that was a little cumbersome in todays day and age. Other than that the service and delivery of the product was excellent.

Good products. Friendly Staff. Area of improvement would be emailing receipts for credit card orders. I always have to call and request them. Will be ordering from Acoustical Solutions again.

iam very satisfied with the salesman and the material

Quality work, done on time at the price quoted. Everyone is impressed with the results.

My last order went very smooth with no hiccups or surprises.

Good product. Excellent customer service. Company clearly takes pride in itself.

I've had a great experience all around working with you guys and the recent updates to your .com made finding things much easier.

Excellent service, prompt and professional attention to my order. Well informed sales person who was able to guide me toward the best product for my needs.

Your panels were not consistent in size. They varied as much as 1/4", which made them difficult to install.

Customer support was incredible! *** kept me informed and up to date on any changes. He worked on making sure we where satisfied with our final product and we are.

I look forward to working with Acoustical solutions again in the future.

We understand we had a little bit of an unusual project but it seemed to take quite a while to get the proposal. The unit came in as planned and the drawing was adequate. The parts could have been marked to correspond to the drawing to make it easier to assemble.

Customer support was very good. Shipping costs were rather high.

Customer support very good. Hopefully more color choices for the kits. Good chance of another order and yes I would recommend.

Staff was extremely helpful in sending out samples and helping me choose a quality cloth.