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Amazement Square Children's Museum

The Issue

Amazement Square Children’s Museum is an exciting, hands-on educational museum. Unfortunately, it was in need of some serious sound control. Since communication is a key component to the learning process, addressing room acoustics is an integral part of the facility’s design equation. Large open areas will tend to get loud with chatter and noise while patrons interact and explore the exhibits. Without an appropriate acoustic environment, hearing one another clearly can be difficult. Pictured here is a toddler development room called ‘Shipwreck Cove’.

The Solution

Amazement Square consulted with Acoustical Solutions regarding their sound issues. The Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds were recommended, as the clouds would supply a captivating visual element in addition to solving the acoustical issues. Amazement Square initially ordered four 2′ x 4′ x 2” Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds to test in a small room. Shortly after installing the first set, they realized the positive results and placed a second order for sixteen additional clouds in the same size and color.

Amazement Square took the project one step further by trimming the edges of the rectangular Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds to simulate the look of actual clouds. They achieved this look by using a simple, retractable utility blade and a whole lot of creative spirit. The results are dramatic! The material has truly enhanced the visual design and the acoustic environment of ‘Shipwreck Cove’. The acoustic material upgrade allows the patrons to explore and communicate effectively in comfort, without having competing conversations.

Amazement Square Children's Museum - Whisperwave Ceiling Cloud Installation (Shape cut on site by installer)

Amazement Square Children’s Museum – Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud Installation (Shape cut on site by installer)

In the Customer’s Own Words

“‘Shipwreck Cove’ is a colorful, open, and safe place for toddlers to exercise early motor skills. The goal of the space is to provide an environment where parents can learn how and what their infants and toddlers are learning, with play as the primary motivator. The Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds do an excellent job in completing the look with their whimsical shapes and structure. Also, from a facilities perspective, they are easy to clean and serve as great sound absorption.”

— Megan Davies

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