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American Legion Post #28

The Issue

The Grand Haven, Michigan American Legion Post hosts multiple events each year for a large group of its military veteran members, many of which have some degree of hearing loss due to the time they served. Their newly renovated bar area had issues with reverberation, making it even more difficult for the vets to communicate when the space was full. AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels and AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Ceiling Clouds were installed on the walls and ceilings with great results.

The Challenge

The Grand Haven, Michigan American Legion Post #28 is an organization committed to serving area veterans and their families. The Post is a vibrant, thriving group that provides resources and activities for both veterans and the local community.

The Post has a full-service bar with meals and pop available seven days a week, and a stunning new deck for its members to enjoy the view of Grand Haven and the Grand River. The newly renovated bar, however, had one issue, and that was noise.

The hard surfaces surrounding the indoor bar area reverberated sound energy within the space. So, when the room was full of people chatting, it was almost impossible to clearly understand what any one person was saying. This was a huge concern for the Post because many of its members suffered moderate to severe hearing loss from their time in service. The bar’s poor acoustics only made it more difficult for these members to socialize and enjoy the space.

The Solution

Chris Jarvis, 2nd Vice Commander of the Post, contacted Acoustical Solutions for help. Architectural Sales Rep Kevin McIver explained that the bar needed more sound absorptive materials and provided him with a list of product options.

Jarvis decided on fabric-wrapped AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels for the walls and AlphaSorb® Ceiling Clouds for the ceiling. These acoustic treatments have a finished look appropriate for a commercial bar or restaurant and have excellent absorption ratings, up to an NRC 1.15. An NRC over 1.00 indicates that the material absorbs virtually all of the sound energy that comes into contact with it.

AlphaSorb® Panels are also very easy to install, so the Post was able to save the cost of hiring a contractor.

American Legion Post #28 installed a series of black and white acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling of their bar and dining area.

American Legion Post #28 installed a series of black and white acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling of their bar and dining area.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“Just wanted to let you know all the panels and materials showed up on Tuesday, February 12th afternoon. We were able to start our installation on Wednesday morning from 8 to noon, Thursday morning from 8 to noon, and completed them on Friday morning by 10 a.m. The installation per your shop drawings was a breeze. We have had nothing but compliments on both the appearance and the performance of the product. If you want pictures I will be more than happy to send them to you. Thanks for all your help with this issue.”

— Chris Jarvis, 2nd Vice Commander, American Legion Post, Grand Haven, Michigan

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