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Boca Beach Club Resort


The Boca Beach Club Resort was renovating and expanding, but wanted to avoid a lot of the problems that construction noise can cause. To solve this problem, their architects sought to source some type of outdoor noise barrier system.

Application Introduction:

The Boca Beach Club Resort was expanding to add a luxury mid-rise condominium and refurbish their hotel. However, such activities would produce a lot of noise that would be detrimental to the quiet, beach paradise environment of the club. Blocking the construction noise was imperative. The engineering company, Kimley-Horn & Associates, reached out to IAC acoustics to determine if they could solve the problem. The resort management wished to ensure their guests no disruption during the construction phase.

Treatment Provided:

After careful planning and consultation with the IAC engineering and design team, the project Engineer chose to use the IAC Acoustics Noishield® Sound Barrier Wall System, which is distributed by Acoustical Solutions. The IAC Noishield Sound Barrier panels consist of 14-gauge solid skin and 20-gauge perforated skin. The panels are roll and cold formed button punched to form a five-inch-thick acoustical panel. Fiberglass is the fill material and is non-corrosive, resistant to attack by fungus, fire-resistant, vermin proof and non-hygroscopic.


IAC Acoustics Noishield® Sound Barrier Wall with NRC rating of 1.05 and STC rating of 33.


The architects, engineers, and the Boca Beach Club Resort accomplished exactly what they set out to do. They were able complete the construction process without disrupting guests at the resort.