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Jody de St. Germain | Acoustical Solutions

Jody de St. Germain

Texas Territory Sales Manager


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  • Texas

Cane Rosso Pizzeria


Cane Rosso Pizzeria is an award-winning restaurant that was having noise problems at their location in Dallas, Texas. Since the opening of their White Rock location, the dining area proved to be far too noisy for their guests. Management wants their customers to have the most enjoyable experience possible at their restaurant. They sought to swiftly resolve their noise problem.

Application Introduction:

The building’s construction consisted of brick walls, a metal roof deck and a hard surface floor. Sound levels in the 58′ x 44′ room fills with patrons. The sound levels were simply unbearable. With all of the hard, reflective surfaces and nothing absorptive, the sound simply spread throughout the space. Management was keenly aware of this issue, and they contacted Acoustical Solutions to remedy the situation. An efficient, economical solution was of the utmost importance.

Treatment Provided:

We met with Cane Rosso’s management team to determine the best solution to reduce the echo in their space. Because of the limited wall space, we looked to the ceiling. The exposed metal roof deck would provide ample surface area to reduce the noise levels. Positioning the material above the dining area would absorb the chatter and clatter of the busy restaurant. This also allowed them to leave the wall space and existing room décor unaltered.


Two-inch-thick AlphaFlex® PVC Ceiling Banners were installed direct to the roof deck using aluminum stiffeners at each end of the banner. This allowed the installer to use mechanical fasteners to mount the banner to the roof deck. The black PVC covering blends in well with their ceiling. The AlphaFlex® PVC Ceiling Banners are virtually invisible. The PVC covering on the banners is simple to clean using a damp cloth.


The management team is exceptionally happy with the results. Improving the dining area’s acoustics will benefit the restaurant for years to come.