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Cooks & Soldiers Tapas Restaurant


Cooks & Soldiers Tapas Restaurant contacts Acoustical Solutions to resolve an oppressive level of noise at their Atlanta, Georgia location. The servers and patrons were experiencing a heavy sound level. This sound level detracted from their dining experience and made it difficult to communicate. They desperately needed acoustical treatment to resolve this problem.

Application Introduction:

Cooks & Soldiers Tapas Restaurant serves the up-and-coming West Midtown area of Atlanta, Georgia, which has an ever-growing, diverse population. Established amid numerous other restaurants, coffee houses and high-end retailers, Cooks & Soldiers has become a favorite for dinner and drinks. They offer an eclectic variety of small plates and entrees along with an excellent wine selection. The main dining room, bar, patio and private areas need to ensure an optimum experience for any diner.

Treatment Provided:

For the interior, the installation team mounted one-inch thick fabric wrapped panels onto the dining room walls. The panels serve to absorb the noise and lessen reverberation.

Happy with the results, the owners requested more panels for the patio dining area. The team installed acoustic panels directly to the patio ceiling, due to the large windows present in the space.

AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels are available in any size up to 4′ x 10′. The panels also include a wide range of fabric colors. In this case, the client chose a color that blends with the existing scheme. The panels effectively ‘disappeared’ into the space they occupied. The treatment lowered the overall noise level and improved the speech intelligibility. A sense of intimacy and comfort now exists, even during lunch and dinner hours.


Main Dining Room:
Patio Dining Area:


The sound absorbing panels allowed customers to enjoy their dining experience. The atmosphere is calm and comfortable, and conversations are easy to understand. Due to the fabric choice, customers don’t even notice the acoustical treatment. Cooks & Soldiers Restaurant now has a dining space that will continually contribute to their success.