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Historic Rogers Building

The Issue

When a hundred-year-old department store closed, the building it once occupied sat vacant for decades. Upon the reopening of the historic Rogers Building, the lobby created an echo that wasn’t present pre-renovation. The building owners wanted to hang historic photographs from the building’s younger years. But, they knew that adding framed artwork (and more glass surfaces) would only worsen the noise issue. Luckily, Acoustical Solutions’ AlphaSorb® Art Acoustic Panels can be printed with any high-resolution photograph—and act as a strong sound absorber for reverberative spaces.

The Challenge

The Historic Rogers Building, originally constructed in 1894, housed a popular department store for almost 100 years and was a focal point of the historic downtown area in Florence, Alabama. In the late 1990s, large shopping malls popped up in neighborhoods surrounding the downtown area. The store went into decline was sold, eventually closing down. The building then sat vacant and empty for over 10 years.

Recently, a local industrial supply company began looking for a building to expand their corporate offices. They decided to purchase the historic Rogers Building and relocate their corporate offices to the 2nd floor. The main level is again a retail space housing a Jos A. Banks store, an outdoor supply store, and a sushi restaurant.

When the lower level was segmented for the retail spaces, a main lobby entrance was created. After construction was completed, the lobby acted as a large tunnel with noise echoing from every wall. That’s when the new owners began their search for an acoustical solution. Something was needed to cover the bare walls and absorb the noise. Lisa Ruggles, new co-owner of the Rogers Building, wanted to hang old photographs of the department store from past years, but knew that the reflective glass encased pictures would only add to the noise issue.

Historic Rogers Building

Historic Rogers Building

The Solution

“I basically did a search via web and ran across your site that showed photos enlarged and then applied to sound panels,” says Ruggles, referencing Acoustical Solutions’ new printed acoustical panels, “that is when I contacted your company and our process began. Kevin [McIver] was extremely helpful in our first conversation and then it was basically all done via emails. He was prompt in responding to my questions and offering quick turnaround on the scans and approvals. Your printing quality was even better than expected when I saw the actual panels. As you can see, the photos look amazing on the walls”.

Art Panels allow you to add high-quality designs and photos to your noise reducing acoustical treatment. The panels can incorporate your high resolution photos, text and graphics for commercial signage, or stock images purchased online at sites like istockphoto.com or bigstockphoto.com.

Historic Rogers Building - Art Acoustic Panels are used to reduce ambient noise in this historic facility.

Historic Rogers Building – Art Acoustic Panels are used to reduce ambient noise in this historic facility.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“Our true test was when we held a grand opening for YUMMs sushi restaurant this past Monday. We were also celebrating my husband’s 50th birthday in the process. Over 150 people attended and we had a large group in the entrance hall lobby. We immediately noticed a softer echo and not that empty reverberating sound. Even when there were only a couple of us in the hall, the sound had obviously softened. Everyone is very complementary of the historic photos and thinks they are just ‘art’. So, we were able to accomplish both issues with one product!!!”

— Lisa Ruggles, Co-Owner, Historic Rogers Building

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