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  • Kuwait

Jaber Hospital


The Jaber Hospital in Kuwait was looking for a solution to reduce the amount of sound in the waiting areas and hallways. During the process of the remodel, it was apparent that the echo was extremely loud in the main lobbies. G7 knew they should contact Acoustical Solutions to attain an appropriate resolution to this issue for this project.

Application Introduction:

As one of our agents in the region, G7 has been representing Acoustical Solutions for many years. When they discovered this project, they knew who they would need to work with to get a proper solution in place. As part of the remodel of the hospital, materials like tile, glass and wood were being specified and used for the room finishes. While they look good, they offer very little acoustical value. Most of these types of surfaces reflect the sound back throughout the room. Having conversations in these areas was nearly impossible. It was imperative that something be done in this large open space with high ceilings.

Treatment Provided:

Since the Jaber Hospital preferred a product that would easily blend into the existing decor, our AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels were the perfect choice. They are available in just about any color and in standard or custom sizes. For this project,  852 fabric wrapped acoustical wall panels line the lower portion of the wall in the main corridor. Many custom sizes were required due the walls having a slight radius to them. The customer was looking for a high-end finish. For this reason, Guilford of Maine Drift in the color of Graphite made the perfect choice. These panels are using the Z-Clip two part fasteners. This mounting option allows you to remove a panel, should any damage occur.


AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels

  • Color: Guilford of Maine Drift – Graphite
  • Thickness: 1″
  • Edges: Square / Chemically Hardened
  • Mounting: Z-clips


Our acoustic panels quiet down the main lobby and blend well into the surrounding decor. Those that come to the hospital are guaranteed to have a certain peace of mind when they enter the facility.