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Jesseca White's Vocal Booth


It’s a challenge for many singer/song writers who live in urban areas to find places where they can let their creative abilities flow. One client of ours overcame her limited resources with a ClearSonic Vocal Booth.

Application Introduction:

For country singer Jesseca White, living in an urban area in Michigan presented a bit of a challenge.

She lived in a condo, and while working on her second album she found it difficult to practice singing and playing guitar without disturbing neighbors living in her complex.

Treatment Provided:

In order to create a practice area in her condo without the expense of building a traditional practice room, Acoustical Solutions suggested a ClearSonic product for Jesseca White’s Vocal Booth.

This particular ClearSonic Vocal Booth consists of six clear panels with sound absorption attached to the two panels in the back, and two lid sections covering the opening at the top.

The ClearSonic Vocal Booth is Class 1 Fire Rated and may be customized to fit your specific size and sound reduction needs.


“Acoustical Solutions provided me with exactly what I needed! I can sing and play guitar/music as loud as I want without disturbing anyone. The sound’s crystal clear! I’d recommend their booths to any artist/musician!” – Jesseca White