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Jose Mangin's Man Cave


In the past, Acoustical Solutions has worked with DIY Network’s Man Caves television series to create a Big Phat Home Theater and an actual movie theater for our military troops stationed at a USO base in Kuwait. When we were asked to design a Rock and Roll Lounge, we just couldn’t resist.

Application Introduction:

Jose Mangin is very passionate about his music and desperately wanted a place of his own to enjoy his music, day or night, without disturbing with wife and kids upstairs. The project started when Man Caves’ hosts Tony Siragusa (The Goose – former Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Champ) and Jason Cameron (Host of many home improvement shows on the DIY network) cleared a large portion of Jose Mangin’s basement. This space would be dedicated to a Rock and Roll Lounge.

Treatment Provided:

Since the room was gutted, we were able to suggest a wall build out that would offer a high STC (Sound Transmission Classification) so that the rest of the family could enjoy peace and quiet while Jose played his music. The cavities in between the studs and joists were packed with fiberglass insulation and a double layer of drywall was installed with our Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound in between the two layers of sheet-rock.

Afterwards, the perimeter of the walls, as well as the drywall seams, were caulked with an Acoustical Sealant to ensure a tight seal. Once the walls were properly soundproofed, Sonex® Classic Acoustic Foam was adhered to 3 of the 4 walls within the studio to give Jose better sound quality within his studio.


The end result was a soundproofed Rock and Roll Lounge that would make even the most experienced musician jealous.