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Ken Flick's Home Theater


Ken Flick’s home theater utilizes a range of materials to achieve good sound within the room and prevent sound from traveling to other areas of the house. With Acoustical Solution’s help, he was able to finish his dream home theater exactly how he wanted it.

Application Introduction:

Gutting his existing home theater presented the opportunity to create the space he has always wanted. He would optimize the visual design and the performance of the sound system. He also knew he didn’t want the loud, high tech sound equipment transmitting noise to other areas of his home. The design would revolve around maximum performance for the system and the room acoustics.

Ken Flick contacted Acoustical Solutions to help contain the sound from his $400,000 audio system. Acoustical Solutions carries the industry’s largest selection of home theater acoustic design products. We also provide free acoustical consultation with our clients.

Materials Provided:

The Iso-Step® Floor Underlayment underneath the finished flooring helps to reduce impact noise and sound. This prevents foot fall and other vibrations from passing to the living spaces below. Two pound per square foot mass loaded vinyl wraps the room to stop the transmission of airborne sound. Ken also made sure every seam and gap was sealed with acoustical caulk. EcoSorpt® Cotton Acoustic Panels were used behind decorative fabric. The four inches of loosely pack absorption makes sound of the room less muddy over the previous design. AlphaDiffuser™ Sound Diffusers, hidden behind fabric, maintain clarity making the audio sound full and live.


Ken knew exactly what he wanted for his home theater re-design. Supervising the project himself, Acoustical Solutions was able to help Ken achieve a home theater with no unwanted vibrations, standing waves or sound leakage. This home theater sounds as good as it looks without disturbing anyone in the rest of the house.