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Livewire Home Theater


The Livewire home theater installation company in Richmond, VA needed a solution to both absorb and diffuse the sound for their client’s high-end system. They desired a high-end, elegant look for the project’s acoustic material. They also needed to meet specific requirements for the speaker system. Livewire contacted Acoustical Solutions for some guidance.

Application Introduction:

This Livewire home theater is located on the second floor of the home. The 25′ x 14′ x 8′ theater provides a wonderful gathering space for entertaining family and friends. Triad, the speaker manufacturer, required diffusion on the side walls around the surround speakers in order to break up the reflections and create an optimal listening environment. Most sound diffusers have a completely different appearance than typical fabric wrapped acoustic panels. Livewire was looking for a solution to combine both diffusion and absorption while maintaining a seamless appearance.

Treatment Provided:

After accounting for the needs from the speaker manufacturer and the customer, we came up with a solution that would satisfy everyone. Acoustical Solutions knew the AcoustiWall Fabric Stretch System and direct mount AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels would be the perfect combination to achieve all their goals.

The extruded plastic track of the system easily frames around various acoustical substrates. Then fabric could be stretched over the absorptive fiberglass and diffusive material. This allowed both absorption and diffusion material to be contained behind the fabric. Standard fabric wrapped panels directly over the theater seating and bar would reduce floor to ceiling reflections. All of the two-inch fabric track system was covered with Guilford of Maine Metallation Stove Pipe and the two inch thick ceiling panels were wrapped with Guilford of Maine’s Crosstown Birch.

Due to the power of the speakers and their proximity to the diffusers, there was concern they might rattle. So, we decided to coat the back side of the “Low Profile” AlphaDiffuser™ Sound Diffusers with Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound. This added weight to the diffusers to prevent speaker generated vibrations.


The acoustical materials used in the install made this home theater come to life. All the requirements of the customer are complete. The diffusers remain hidden and unobtrusive. The specifications from the speaker manufacturer are in place. All the acoustic materials blend with the design of the space. This room is truly more than a theater experience. The client’s theater room now looks as good as it sounds.