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Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The Issue

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority acquired a solution to help lower the noise of trains passing through residential areas. Trains are marvelous inventions. From the steam engines of the past to the modern bullet train, they have provided a great service in their ability to carry vast amounts of people and cargo long distances. There has, however, always been one side effect, Noise!

The Challenge

The residents of Hawthorn and Segundo, in Los Angeles, had a noise problem with the Green-Line light rail transportation system. It was causing undesirable noise right in their back yards. Woodward Clyde Engineering, working for the LA MTA, would find the solution to the train noise problem. With IAC’s high performance Noishield® Sound Barrier System, it was an easy choice for them to make. They needed a high performance product that would satisfy the noise concerns of the residents along the railroad, while at the same time managing costs to satisfy the taxpayers of Los Angeles. IAC was able to provide just such a solution.

The Solution

IAC supplied sound barrier system was approximately 3/4 of a mile long and 20 feet high. It was installed from a high rail truck with a small hoist with minimal interruption of down time for the transportation authority. The barrier is made up of small, light panels that allow for ease of installation. These rugged panels are available in lengths up to 16 feet long and easily stack to form a barrier for almost any application.


IAC Acoustics Noishield® Sound Barrier Walls

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The Result

The neighboring home developments now have a soundproof wall to help diminish the sound of the passing train. This is all courtesy of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

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