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Moxie Hair Lounge

The Issue

Moxie Hair Lounge needed to reduce overall noise levels that were reverberating off all the hard surfaces in many areas of the salon. The voices that were coming from the staff, customers, and the hair dryers made the space unbearable. The staff had a hard time carrying on a conversation with the customers. We needed to come up with a solution to improve speech intelligibility and reduce overall noise.

Moxie Hair Lounge

Moxie Hair Lounge

About the Client

Moxie Hair Lounge is a salon founded on good hair, and most importantly, education. Founded in 2003, they are conveniently located near downtown Charlottesville, with parking on site.

The Challenge

The primary challenge in this space was the multiple areas that needed acoustical treatment. The entire space had hard surfaces. The larger the space, the more area of treatment is needed. It was very difficult to carry on conversations between staff and customers. The hard surfaces in the large, open space contributed to the echo and reverb within the space. When there were several customers in the space, speech levels increased due to the ambient noise reverberating off hard surfaces. Communication then became difficult.

The Solution

Acoustical Solutions recommended our Alphasorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panels in Guilford of Maine Studio 54 Fabric. The Studio 54 panels reduce sound intensity and reverberation while providing an easily cleanable acoustical fabric finish. We offer a wide variety of colors and quick turnaround. We installed the panels around the top of the walls to disperse sound absorption evenly throughout the space and offer the best treatment.

The Result

The panels looked great and solved the echo and the reverberation issue, allowing the staff to better communicate with the customers. This led to better speech intelligibility and an overall better experience for their customers.

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