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New Townhomes Development Noise Monitoring


To satisfy city requirements and continue with their proposed development, a luxury townhome developer required noise level monitoring. The City of Newport News has certain noise level guidelines surrounding new building developments, thus the need for noise monitoring for the new townhomes development. There are documents available to guide developers on these requirements in the Virginia Beach area. The criteria states that the exterior noise levels surrounding the development should not exceed 67 dB(A). According to the city, the proposed townhomes appeared to be at risk for high noise levels. Our client needed to assess these levels and report back to the city officials with the results of the study.

Service Provided:

Our team set up their noise level monitoring equipment at the boundaries of the proposed property. The team gathered noise levels during peak hours of activity in the area. The resulting data demonstrated that the noise levels at the site did not exceed the limits set forth by The City of Newport News. The positive study results allowed the developer to proceed with planning their new luxury townhomes without further hindrance.

Specific Challenges:

The City does not specifically state what measurements must be taken. In their guidelines, the requirement simply stated, “for proposed development along planned or existing major thoroughfares, the developer shall as a condition of his plan approval, submit an assessment of traffic noise levels of sufficient scope as needed by the Committee to determine the necessity of abatement measures.”

Some analysts could interpret these guidelines as a full 24-hour noise monitoring survey. Prior to arrival, Acoustical Solutions recognized there were only certain time periods worth measuring. We determined the road traffic noise is at its peak at certain times of the day, which are during three “rush hour” periods. This measurement methodology met the customer’s needs and offered savings on both time, equipment and analysis.

Client Details:

Tochorosun Inc., circa 2001, operates throughout Virginia but mainly in the Virginia Beach area. They are a real estate developer of high-quality, affordable homes and apartments for single or multi-family use.

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