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Nomura Securities


Nomura Securities had an issue with noise levels, which were exceeding community ordinance limits imposed along their property lines. Most of the noise was coming from rooftop sources that required airflow in order to operate. In order to solve their noise problem, they contacted IAC Acoustics, whose products are distributed by Acoustical Solutions.

Application Introduction:

On the roof of the Nomura building there is a large HVAC system and two diesel generators, which generate a lot of noise. They also require free airflow and circulation, which meant that the installation of a traditional sound barrier was not possible. IAC is skilled at providing innovative solutions to complex problems, so they devised a dual approach.

Treatment Provided:

To overcome these obstacles, IAC deployed its FS/S Noishield® barrier panels in areas where airflow was not critical. Where airflow was important, IAC used Noishield® FS/S with louvers. This  approach allowed for free flow of air around the critical pieces of equipment, with superior sound blocking and absorption.

For the Nomura project, IAC Acoustics provided an FS/S Noishield® sound barrier system with wall segments arranged in a “C” shaped configuration. The segments have a 512′ overall length, with heights that range from 18′ to 23′ above the base of the wall. The wall consists of 4,619 sq. ft. of Model LP specialty louvers and 5,557 sq.ft. of model FS/S Noishield® sound barrier panels. The barrier system also includes forty-three 8′ deep footings and three Noise-Lock® STC 28 roll-up doors.



This project was a successful collaboration between IAC Acoustics, USA Architects, Acoustical Consultant Cerami, Mechanical Engineer Jaros, Baum & Bolles, and Contractor Joseph J. Jingoli & Sons. The result was a barrier system that exceeded acoustic and aesthetic expectations, and it did so without compromising equipment operation.