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Kam Ng

Vice President of Engineering


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  • South Carolina

Paper Supply Manufacturer


An industry leading paper supply manufacturer recently expanded its capabilities with a new large machine, which turned out to be too noisy. Based close by in South Carolina, they sought us out for assistance. The main objective was to reduce the amount of noise exposure to the employees in the adjacent stitching area.

Service Provided:

The Acoustical Solutions engineering department was bought on board to conduct a facility survey, provide analysis and recommendations. Using the data we collected, predictions were made as to which treatments or methods would yield the highest amount of sound reduction. Once we acquired the survey data, we used it to generate a 3D computer model depicting. The SoundPlan software offers a high degree of accuracy predictions for noise reductions solutions.

Specific Challenges:

The goal of the treatment was to reduce the level of noise in the stitching area to below 85dB(A). This would ensure that operator exposure, per OSHA’s Time-Weighted Average (TWA), would be below this threshold. Our recommendation was to create a partition around the machine as well as adding absorptive treatments in the surrounding areas. Our predictions yielded a level in the adjacent stitching area of below the targeted sound levels.