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VCU Rams Get Wrapped

The Issue

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has a highly-ranked basketball team called the Rams whose home court, the Siegel Center, needed a new look. The original acoustical treatment we installed years before was still working but needed a facelift. Since it was a stretch wall system, they wanted us to replace the fabric with a fresh covering.

AcoustiWall Fabric Stretch System post-installation at VCU Siegel Center

AcoustiWall Fabric Stretch System post-installation at VCU Siegel Center

About the Client

Since its beginnings in 1838 VCU has grown into a nationally applauded school providing top-notch education in the Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Business, and Medical fields. 25 of their graduate schools and programs rank in the top 50 in the USA. Their sports program has also produced an NCAA final four team whose home court, The Siegel Center, has been the focal point for their students, Alumni, and Fans from all over.

The Challenge

The primary challenge with this space is its size and keeping the treatment looking clean and modern while maintaining the spirit of VCU’s school colors. Recovering the existing wall treatments would still require additional track and adjustments in corners where there was little room to work. On top of this, the height of the run is challenging and we’re trying to have as few seams as possible.

The Solution

Using our AcoustiWall Fabric Stretch System, we updated the acoustical treatment in the space. We used our Whisper Span large format fabric which we have in up to 10′ width to keep it smooth without lots of seams. We replaced track and fiberglass core where needed and extended the width a bit to allow for some adjustments in the corners.

AcoustiWall Fabric Stretch System being installed at VCU Siegel Center

AcoustiWall Fabric Stretch System being installed at VCU Siegel Center

The Result

The final result is a sleek, smooth wall of absorption that tames the echo in the space, so while you can still feel the roar of the crowd and cheering of fans, the announcer’s voice is clear and understandable. When sitting in the stands you can carry on a conversation with your neighbors and understand each other without shouting. The aesthetic qualities are sleek and modern while accentuating the school colors.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“The response from the department, teams, and visitors has been over-the-top positive! Your installation team knocked it out of the park!!”

— Tim Lampe, Senior Associate Athletic Director, VCU Rams

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