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California and the City of Walnut Creek have policies governing residential sound that sometimes require residential sound mapping. There is strict guidance upon how the design of properties must be conducted. Some of these guidelines regard the consideration of acoustics. California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Building Standards Administrative Code, Part 2, California Building Code outlines the acoustic limitation for any building type. The City of Walnut Creek’s General Plan 2025 further clarifies the acceptable noise limits for residential dwellings. These regulations require any dwelling identified as at risk of high noise exposure must have an acceptable noise level.

Service Provided:

Mary Brody Residential Designs approached Acoustical Solutions to analyze the existing noise levels. As the lead architect, they are responsible for the design of the proposed single family residential property. Calculating the transmission loss of their exterior window and wall construction would determine if the dwelling meets code requirements. The main noise source of concern was the road infrastructure. In accordance with data from the city, we began to model and sound map the major road networks. The testing data shows that the exterior level of 61dB(A) would put the property in the “at-risk” category. With superior wall and window construction, the resultant interior level has the potential to be far below the required 45dB(A).

Specific Challenges:

During the competitive bid process, Acoustical Solutions pays careful attention to the project’s goals. While competitors may offer a vast scope of works, we can focus on a singular opportunity. This allows us to reduce the project management for improved efficiency. After approval by the authorities, this smaller scope of work met the necessary requirements of the city. Acoustical Solutions can offer a vastly reduced cost for the overall project to meet our client’s needs.

Client Details:

Mary Brody Residential Designs has a Walnut Creek, CA, based architect who is available to work on a flexible schedule. With over 25 years of experience and a BBB A+ rating, they serve Walnut Creek and the surrounding counties. They can meet their clients design and architectural needs for both residential and commercial projects. They pride themselves on the creativity of their designs, while striving to make them practical and cost-effective.

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