Steve Snider

Steve Snider


Derek at Lucas Salon had a beautiful space with high ceilings and clean, modern lines inviting his customers into his space.  There was one problem, the echo and reverb made essential communication between staff and customers nearly impossible.  Communication is a cornerstone of any great business and Lucas Salon knew something had to be done.  The solution had to keep the sleek aesthetic and keep their budget in line as well.


Application Introduction:

Lucas Salon is a busy salon in New Hampshire.  They rely on customers finding a sense of relaxation in their space.  The floor plan offered a long, narrow foot print with high ceilings – a recipe for echo and reverb in any space. Staff started noticing that they weren’t able to properly communicate with each other, and worse yet, they were having a hard time hearing and conversing with their customers.  Lucas Salon needed a solution that would not impede the business day, customer experience, maintain their aesthetic and work for their budget. 


Treatment Provided:

In many cases for retail establishments there is limited wall space.  Lucas Salon was no different.  But, the salon did have a great space from the ceiling down about four feet.  We decided to go with our AlphaSorb FR701 panels.  They offer a sleek look, a wide variety of colors, easy install and quick turnaround time. 

The FR701 panels would line, or form a band, around the top of the walls.  This would disperse the sound absorption evenly throughout the space and offer the best treatment with the least amount of impact from the pov of day to day business, install time, keeping the look and feel of the space, and maintaining the customer’s outlined budget. 



Alphasorb FR701

  • 2” thick – 3’x4’ panels in Black 408

The Results:

The panels looked great, almost blending into the existing color-scheme of the salon walls.  They solved the echo and reverb issues and allowed the staff to communicate, the customer a haven and the business to function at peak form.  Derek, the owner said, “They work amazingly, we are pumped! you can actually have a conversation with people and not have to yell or say “what?” do to not hearing them!”