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  • GSA: Acoustical Treatment for State and Federal Government Agencies

    Great News!! We recently received our GSA (General Services Administration)  schedule contract number, which is GS07F0588X.  This will make it exponentially easier for state and federal government agencies to obtain acoustical products at discounted prices!! The products we currently have available through GSA include foam wall panels and ceiling tiles as well as AudioMetric Screening […]

  • ClearSonic IsoPac F Vocal Booth

    Your Alternative to a Traditional Vocal Booth

    Whether you are working in your home studio or a professional recording studio, vocal booths can be very expensive and space consuming. We’re here today to tell you there is a more economical and space friendly option. As an alternative to the traditional vocal booth, the ClearSonic Vocal Booth is portable booth helps create professional […]

  • Drum Shield Giveaway: So far, so good

    This week we began accepting video submissions for our Drum Shield Giveaway.   The winner will receive a free 5’6″ x 10’ (5 Section) ClearSonic Drum Shield. The submissions have been great!  All the bands and drummers are extremely talented, which is obvious not only because of the videos themselves, but also because of the amount […]

  • Acoustical Solutions Drum Shield Giveaway!

    Monday, April 18 we’ll be starting a video submission contest on Facebook; the winner of which will receive a free 5’6″ x 10’ (5 Section) ClearSonic Drum Shield. This contest is in celebration of two things.  The first is the fact that Acoustical Solutions now has more than 4,000 Facebook fans.  The second is our […]

  • Acoustical Solutions on NBC Show 'School Pride'

    We’re very excited this week to be a part of NBC’s new series “School Pride.” The episode for which we donated and sold avocal booth and acoustic baffleswill air Friday, November 5.

    “School Pride” tells the stories of communities coming together to renovate their aging and broken public school, which is whyAcoustical Solutions is extremely excited to have contributed.