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Alex Mancia

  • ClearSonic IsoPac A (Drums not included)

    What are Drum Shields?

    Introduction Whether you’re a drummer performing for a church, a vocalist or podcaster recording in your home studio, or just practicing your instrument at home, a soundproof booth and enclosure can help you (and your neighbors!) keep the sound isolated and contained. The sound isolation provided by ClearSonic booths and enclosures can offer some of […] Read More »

  • AudioSeal® Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier

    What is Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)?

    Introduction Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is used almost everywhere to assist in blocking sound — walls, ceilings, doors, window, machines, interior or exterior, and commercial or residential applications. As you will learn, MLV takes many shapes and forms to easily add mass to sound blocking assemblies and products. What is Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)? In […] Read More »

  • Soundproofing a Garage - Be sure to insulate the structure of the building. This will help all to the overall STC rating of the structure.

    Soundproofing a Garage

    For this project, we are soundproofing a garage to create a music rehearsal space. We converted a 20’x 20′ garage into two L-shaped spaces. The front portion of the space with the garage doors is a workshop and the other half is a music rehearsal / recording space. The rehearsal space requires soundproofing to avoid […] Read More »

  • Block Your Backyard Noise With a Noise Reduction Fence

    Block Your Backyard Noise With a Noise Reduction Fence

    Exterior noise and sound can be quite irritating, whether in a residential or commercial area. Noise sources can come from neighboring homes, traffic noise, pool pumps, HVAC equipment, and nearby commercial spaces. If you cannot completely isolate the sound within an enclosure, insert a sound barrier into the direct path of the sound to block […] Read More »

  • Iso-Step® Floor Underlayment

    Soundproofing an Apartment

    Soundproofing an apartment is a challenge, no doubt. You’ve found the apartment of your dreams – great neighborhood, great price, beautiful appliances. You move all your stuff in and settle down for the night when you realize… I CAN HEAR EVERYTHING MY NEIGHBORS DO. You hear your them upstairs walking around in heels on the […] Read More »

  • Verisk Health Art Acoustic Panels depicting Richmond area landmarks.

    Acoustic Art Printed Acoustical Wall Panels are Perfect for the Office

    In 2015, we introduced our Printed Acoustical Wall Panels, and orders have been rushing through our warehouse and into commercial offices faster than we can count! The increasing number of open office plans have created a lack of speech privacy and increased distraction. High noise levels in the working environment have facility managers embracing the […] Read More »

  • Acoustical Solutions

    What is Sound Absorption?

    Introduction Maybe your neighbor told you that you needed sound absorption panels in your home theater, and you didn’t want to ask. Or maybe you have a big echoey office with lots of people working in it and the boss told you to go buy some sound absorption and then jetted off to Tahiti without […] Read More »