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Kathy Palimore

  • Guilford of Maine Palette Fabric

    What is Acoustic Fabric?

    Introduction We use acoustical fabric in a variety of ways here at Acoustical Solutions. If you are looking for a fabric to wrap your Acoustical Panels or to cover speakers and amplifiers, we have a multitude of fabric options. We primarily use Guilford of Maine Fabrics for our standard panels but are not limited to […] Read More »

    07/15/2021 Author: | Sound Absorption
  • acoustic sound absorbing panel image 01

    What are Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels?

    Introduction We have all experienced being in a space that’s so noisy, it’s nearly impossible to hold a conversation. Acoustic sound absorbing panels, (typically referred to as acoustic panels,) are used for sound reduction and reverberation control. They help improve speech clarity, allowing everyone in the space to communicate more effectively. They are a great […] Read More »

    02/01/2021 Author: | Sound Absorption
  • ceiling_treatment_resource_pro

    Ceiling Treatment: ReSource Pro

      Company: ReSource Pro https://www.resourcepro.com Executive Summary: Acoustical Solutions provided an effective and unobtrusive acoustical ceiling treatment to provide sound absorption to rectify issues related to office renovations.  About the Client: ReSource Pro helps insurance organizations align their operations to their business strategy. Their holistic approach brings together best practices around strategy, process, people, and […] Read More »

    06/30/2020 Author: | Sound Absorption
  • Ecole Bilingue De Berkley – Multi-color AlphaSorb® Anchorage wall panel configuration in the classroom for good acoustics.

    Soundproofing a Classroom

    Good acoustics play an important role in the effectiveness of instructional spaces. Classrooms with excessive noise reverberation make it difficult for students to understand the lessons. Children with learning disabilities have a far more difficult time paying attention to their teacher. This is neither good for the student or the rest of the class. Soundproofing […] Read More »

    05/19/2018 Author: | Sound Absorption
  • Banking Company Training Room

    Soundproofing a Training Room

    HEADLINE Acoustical Solutions Technical Sales Rep Kathy Palimore explains how to approach soundproofing a training room, conference room, and classroom. Typically, there are two acoustical problems most people want to address when it comes to training rooms. The first is reducing noise and reverberation, or echo, within the room. Secondly, is soundproofing the room, meaning […] Read More »

    11/15/2016 Author: | Sound Blocking
  • Reduce Outdoor Noise with a Sound Blocking Fence

    Reduce Outdoor Noise

    As it gets warmer and people emerge from their winter hibernation into the summer sun, noise always becomes an issue. This is especially true when it comes to backyard noise in residential neighborhoods. To solve this problem, you can reduce outdoor noise with a sound blocking fence. The source of the noise can be cookouts, […] Read More »

    02/28/2016 Author: | Sound Blocking
  • Pasture Restaurant - SoundSuede™ Ceiling Clouds in their dining room area to reduce ambient noise levels in restaurant.

    What is a Cloud Acoustical Panel?

    Introduction Acoustic panels can be mounted in various ways to meet your design and sound control needs. Typically, wall-mounted acoustic panels can also be mounted directly on the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling as a “cloud” for a highly effective acoustic ceiling treatment. They are usually offset horizontally from ceilings to help with architectural […] Read More »

  • Acoustical Solutions

    What is Reverberation?

    It can make the best guitar player sound better, but it can also destroy speech intelligibility to the point of ruining any type of live performance. Certain spaces, namely orchestra and symphony halls, need the right amount of it ... but not too much, and not too little. "It" is reverberation. Read More »

    09/09/2015 Author: | Sound Absorption