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Phillip Euga

  • Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound - 28 oz. Tubes

    What is Green Glue?

    Introduction Contrary to its name, Green Glue is not an adhesive but rather a unique noise-proofing product that can be used for both renovations and new construction projects. Sold in either cases of 12 tubes or 5-gallon pails, Green Glue helps block sound transmission in common soundproofing assemblies. Green Glue’s versatility and ease of use […] Read More »

  • AlphaFlex® PVC Ceiling Banners and AlphaEnviro® PVC Acoustic Panel completely turned this Natatorium (Indoor Pool) into a great sounding and super functional space.

    What are Acoustic Ceiling Banners?

    Introduction Acoustical ceiling treatment is sometimes the only way to address noise issues within certain spaces. If the room is a large, open area with not a lot of wall surface available for acoustical treatment, acoustic ceiling banners can be the most effective and affordable option. Similarly, even if the room is small but is […] Read More »

  • Agati Furniture - Open office plan using red AlphaSorb® panels and Sonex® Whisperwave® Clouds in ceiling.

    Solving Office Noise: Business and Commercial Acoustics

    Introduction Quality business and commercial acoustics are an important factor in high productivity and a stress-free work environment. Open office layouts seem to be all the rage these days and many companies seem to be drawn to the look of re-purposing old warehouses, factory areas, and other large format commercial building designs into large, expansive […] Read More »