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Sound Absorption

Spaces that create an echo, or are noisy even when very little sound is being made, need sound absorptive materials. These spaces are probably large, open, or have many hard surfaces. Absorptive treatments will help contain sound energy rather than reflect it, lowering reverberation.

  • versipanel image

    What are Virtual Learning Spaces?

    Introduction Many of us are changing our home spaces in to work, fitness and even virtual learning spaces for home schooling.  In today’s world, the need for isolation in a limited space is in high demand, especially when everyone in the family needs it simultaneously.  This doesn’t need to be overly complex.  With the right […] Read More »

  • church_sanctuary

    Acoustic Panels for a Place of Worship

    Introduction Finding the right acoustic panels for a place of worship is a common problem. Clarity of sound is paramount here, and these buildings are always in desperate need of it, but the look and feel of the space is just as important. High ceilings, open layouts, and many large, exposed windows and walls are […] Read More »

  • church sanctuary

    Soundproofing a Church Sanctuary

    How Do I Soundproof A Church? Soundproofing a church and providing acoustical treatment for places of worship can be a challenging process. You must balance the acoustics of the spoken word, the choir, and live musical content to enrich the worship experience. Today’s places of worship have higher attendance volume and a larger variety of […] Read More »

  • AlphaSorb® Art Acoustic Panel

    What Are Acoustic Art Panels?

    What are Acoustic Art Panels? Acoustic Art Panels provide a great sound absorption option for homes or businesses. Of course, the industry standard for sound absorption is Alphasorb® FR701 Fabric Wrapped Panels. Aesthetically, which acoustical treatment would you rather have hung on your wall?: Why are Acoustic Art Panels Important? Most people find AlphaSorb® Art Acoustic […] Read More »

  • PolySorpt® Acoustic Ceiling Tile

    Acoustic Panels: P. E. P. P. Panels

    Introduction When it comes to pre-manufactured acoustic panels, there are many options. Fabric wrapped, polyester, P.E.P.P., wood fiber, foam, cotton, and metal are all common acoustic panel types. P.E.P.P. is an industry abbreviation for Porous Expanded Polypropylene. These panels are Class A fire rated, can be used indoors and have sound blocking and sound absorption qualities. What […] Read More »

  • Live Streaming Acoustics: Houses of Worship

    Live streaming has become a very popular broadcast medium. Even more so now in the age of COVID-19 social distancing and limited gatherings. Houses of Worship are being forced to live stream services in order to stay connected with their congregations. A professionally live streamed service is no easy task. There are many technological challenges […] Read More »

  • Home Office Soundproofing DIY Projects

    Introduction For knowledge workers, working from home has many advantages. You no longer need to worry about your morning commute, you can dress as casually as you want, and you have the flexibility to take care of personal errands as required. What a great idea! However, there are downsides. Workers are co-located in an office space to […] Read More »

  • Amazement Square Children's Museum - Whisperwave® Acoustic Ceiling Clouds (Shapes cut on site by installer)

    Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

    Introduction Our acoustic ceiling clouds are suspended horizontally from ceilings to help with your architectural design goals and in reducing ambient noise in a space. They come in a variety of materials, sizes and shapes and are fire rated to meet public building code requirements. With a variety of available finishes, including fabric wrapped ceiling […] Read More »