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Sound Absorption

Spaces that create an echo, or are noisy even when very little sound is being made, need sound absorptive materials. These spaces are probably large, open, or have many hard surfaces. Absorptive treatments will help contain sound energy rather than reflect it, lowering reverberation.

  • Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church - End wall AlphaSorb wall panels added to reduce flutter echo from parallel walls.

    Church Acoustics: Reducing Echo and Improving Speech Intelligibility in Worship Facilities

    One of the most common places you will find acoustical treatment is in worship facilities. Why? Because they almost always need it. Churches and fellowship halls are usually huge spaces with very large, blank parallel walls and vast angular ceilings.  This is a recipe for a long reverberation time (the time it takes for a […]

  • Your Alternative to a Traditional Vocal Booth

    Whether you are working in your home studio or a professional recording studio, vocal booths can be very expensive and space consuming. We’re here today to tell you there is a more economical and space friendly option. As an alternative to the traditional vocal booth, the ClearSonic Vocal Booth (IsoPac F) is portable booth helps […]

  • Acoustical Treatments in Wineries - King Family Vineyards

    Acoustical Treatment in Wineries

    Soundproofing and noise control are an important but often overlooked aspects of facility management, especially in wineries where excess noise can destroy the laid-back ambiance. We’ve treated spaces in wineries ranging from tasting rooms to large event halls and restaurants, and each time we get the same response: “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”  It […]

  • Sound Absorption...What the Heck is it?

    Maybe your neighbor told you that you needed absorption panels in your home theater and you didnt want to ask. Maybe you have a big echoey office with lots of people working in it and the boss told you to go buy some Sound Absorption and then jetted off to Tahiti without further explanation.   […]

  • How to Create Great Auditorium Acoustics

    Acoustically treating an auditorium can be a tricky thing to do.  The large open rooms are often far too reverberant though, so – in most cases – incorporating acoustical treatment into auditorium design is a must. Achieving great auditorium acoustics is difficult because it requires there be a happy medium between sounding “alive” and sounding […]

  • Soundproofing in Restaurants

    There are two main reasons for soundproofing in restaurants.  The first – and most common – reason has to do with echo and reverberation in dining areas. When hard, flat, parallel surfaces are exposed, crowded dinning rooms quickly become uncomfortable.  As sound waves from conversations and rattling plates  bounce off of floors, ceilings and walls […]

  • How to Soundproof a Home Theater

    Home theaters can be wonderful places to relax, retreat and entertain. If acoustics are overlooked, however, any home theatre can become a nuisance to the rest of the house and an echoic mess.

    In creating a home theatre, two issues need to be addressed, soundproofing and sound absorption. …