Speakers in cabinets or cavities usually come with a speaker, or grill, cover. If they don’t, or if you want to replace your current covers, making your own is pretty easy. Start with a 1″ thick piece of plywood that is cut to the size of your cabinet opening.

Draw a pattern along the inside of the plywood where you are going to cut out the middle. Leave about an inch to an inch and a half along the edges, and round the corners. You may want to use a straight edge and something circular to keep these marks neat and consistent.

Cut along the pattern using a jig saw.

We spray painted the front and sides of our new frame, so no wood-grain would be seen through the speaker fabric. Let dry.

Ta-da! It’s dry.

Choose a speaker or grill cloth that will make your listening room look classy. We chose Acoustone Speaker Cloth pattern # FR1005. Add at least two inches to the height and width of your frame, and cut out the fabric.

Use an industrial spray glue and spray the front face of your frame, then lay it face down on the fabric. Wait a minute to let the glue tack up.

Turn the frame over carefully so the fabric doesn’t detach, then use a small block of wood or other hard object and run it over the fabric on top of the frame to ensure adhesion.

Turn the frame back over onto the fabric, and use the spray glue on the back, and outside edge of the frame, one side at a time, and fold and press the fabric onto the frame.

You will have excess fabric and the edges, it will look like this:

Use a metal clamp to pinch the excess fabric, tightening up the corners. You may want to leave the clamp on for a minute make sure it has dried enough to hold.

Remove the clamp, and trim off the excess fabric.

And voila! You have a speaker cover! (With a groovy pattern of Acoustone Speaker Cloth, if I do say so myself)

Do you have a question about how to do this project? Do you have an idea of how to do it better? Leave us a comment below!