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How to Install Acoustical Panels in 5 Minutes

We hear from a lot of small business owners and homeowners interested in installing acoustical panels to improve the sound in their space, and one of the first questions they ask is:

Will you install them for me?

Absolutely we will! If… you live anywhere near our corporate office. We will drive over there and install the panels faster than you can say slap-back echo. BUT, if you live in any of the other 49 states, here is your next question:

Do you know a contractor near me who will install the panels?

Maybe we do, but here is a secret: it is ridiculously easy to install acoustical wall panels. We’re talking a panel-a-minute easy (minus measuring and remeasuring for you careful types). Of course it’s great to have help if you’re treating an enormous gymnasium, but many of our clients choose to go the DIY route after learning how to install acoustical panels.

Our preferred method of acoustical panel installation is our Impaling Clips. Not every acoustical supplier has the same hardware or technique, but this is how we’ve been installing our AlphaSorb Acoustical Panels for decades – and it’s very simple and effective.

impaling clip

Impaling Clips are attached to the wall on it’s flat side, and fiberglass panels are easily pushed into its pins.

AlphaSorb_clipStep One:

Mark on the wall where the panel will go, and glue or screw the clips into the wall, placing them 4″ inside of where the outer edge of the panel will be.

Step Two:

Add a dallop, that’s the technical term, of industrial strength glue like Loctite Power Grab next to each clip.

Step Three:

Place each panel onto the wall, on top of the pins, and press the panel firmly at the location of each clip to ensure the clip penetrates the fiberglass completely.



Here is a video if you’re a visual learner: