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How to Reduce Indoor Swimming Pool Noise

Summer is almost here, and everyone you know is anxious to head for the nearest body of water. Many of you avid swimmers have probably already been practicing your butterfly and breast strokes… at your local indoor pool.

Besides the lack of sunshine, one drawback to using an indoor pool is the noise level. In months where the indoor pool is the place to be – crowded with classes and vocal children – it can be nearly impossible to hear someone speaking to you from three feet away, or to understand announcements from lifeguards and pool staff over the reverberation of sounds.

The reason sound is so intense, and speech intelligibility so poor, is because rooms containing indoor pools are almost always all hard surfaces. The water, walls, floor and ceiling are likely tile or block, which are the most impervious to water damage, but also give sound waves no place to dissipate.

The key to solving these noise issues is adding sound absorbing materials to the walls and ceilings to offset all of the reverberant surfaces. There are a number of acoustical treatments you can use to reduce indoor swimming pool noise, and the ones listed below are also tolerant to moisture and can be installed to block walls and ceiling scaffolding.

Acoustical Baffles and Clouds

These ceiling treatments are made of sound absorbent foam with an HPC waterproof coating and are easily suspended from scaffolding – absorbing sound waves that tend to build up in high ceilings.

Sonex® Valueline Hanging Foam Baffles

Sonex Foam BafflesSonex Foam Baffle

Sonex Foam Baffles

Whisperwave® Baffles and Clouds

Whisperwave Clouds  Whisperwave Clouds Picture8

Rondo Acoustical Baffles

Rondo Acoustical Baffles Rondo Acoustical Baffles              Rondo Acoustical Baffles

AlphaEnviro™ PVC Baffles


Acoustical Banners

Banners are PVC or Ripstop wrapped acoustical products that offer the most sound absorbent surface area, and are easily cleanable.

AlphaFlex™ PVC Banners

alphaflex acoustical banners

Acoustical Wall Panels and Ceiling Tiles

Waterproof PVC encapsulated acoustical treatment as well as acoustical foam can also be installed surface mounted on walls or ceilings.

Sonex® Wall and Ceiling Tiles

Sonex foam panels  Sonex Foam Panels

Sonex® Phonstop Recycled Glass Wall and Ceiling Panels

Phonstop Acoustical Panels

AlphaEnviro PVC Wall Panels

alphaenviro acoustical panels

Feel free to call in with any questions on these products or applications, or for a free acoustical consultation for your indoor pool!

I work at a resort in Lancaster Pennsylvania. We have a small waterpark,
swimming-pool and 10 person hot/tub all in a large indoor area. The sound is
really loud echo(s): you get the picture.
How about a sales rep. ; I’ll send photos via I phone…
Thank-You DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Lancaster Pennsylvania

Hi Jeffrey,

I’m sending your inquiry to our architectural reps so they can speak with you a bit more and make some product recommendations!

We want to reduce the echo for the indoor pool. The room is 56′ L x 33′ W, 16-25′ H. The pool itself is 20′ w x 38′ long.
I need to know what it would cost for materials and installation.
Thank you,
Gina Adams

Hi Gina,

I’m passing your information to our Architectural Sales team and they will be getting in contact with you soon with a quote.


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