home theaterHome theaters can be wonderful places to relax, retreat and entertain.  If acoustics are overlooked, however, any home theatre can become a nuisance to the rest of the house and an echoic mess.

In creating a home theater, two issues need to be addressed, soundproofing and sound absorption. …

Soundproofing – blocking sound from entering or leaving a space.

Before/during construction –  If acoustical issues are addressed during this phase, treatment will be most effective and more choices will be available. Options include:

  • AudioSeal® Sound Barrier – Can be installed in walls, ceilings or floors and blocks sound using sheer mass.
  • Resilient Isolation Clips (pictured at right)- An economical choice, these clips stop sound transfer by creating space between walls, ceilings or floors and what is opposite them (studs, concrete, wood, steel, etc.).
  • Green Glue – Used between two rigid building materials such as drywall, Green Glue absorbs vibration within the wall.  This reduces sound on the other side of the wall.

After construction – If your walls and ceilings are already fully constructed don’t fret, it’s not too late.  While not ideal, soundproofing treatment can be applied to the outside of a wall.

  • Absorber/Barrier Combination Blanket – These blankets can be hung on walls and are made of one barrier layer sandwiched between two absorptive layers.
  • Door Seal Kits – These kits seal gaps in doorways.  This is important because a 1 percent opening will allow up to 50 percent of sound to pass through that opening.

Sound Absorption – stopping sound from reverberating or echoing within a space.

Countless combinations of options exist in this area, but we have a few suggestions:

  • AlphaSorb® Acoustical Panels – Used in many applications, these versatile panels work in home theaters by absorbing sound waves and converting them into heat energy.  This eliminates sound from bouncing from wall to wall (echoing).
  • BassTraps – These absorptive traps are important to have in the corners of a home theatre because bass and other low frequency sounds build up in corners.