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PolyPhon™ Polyester: The Next Generation Acoustical Panel

RICHMOND, VA (October 8, 2013) – When it comes to architectural acoustic treatment, paneling has almost always been exclusively made from fiberglass board. Fiberglass has high NRC ratings, is affordable to produce, and can be easily covered by a variety of acoustically transparent fabrics. This year, however, Acoustical Solutions, Inc. is introducing a product that
they are calling the “next generation acoustical panel” – and it’s fiberglass-free. PolyPhon™ Polyester Acoustical Panels are a sound absorbing treatment developed with environmental friendliness in mind. The panels are made in the United States from 100% polyester (60% PET-recycled fiber and 40% PET-virgin fiber) and are 100% recyclable. PolyPhon™ Panels offer many other environmental advantages making them appealing for LEED projects, schools, and healthcare facilities such as:

  • No formaldehyde
  • No binding agents
  • No odor
  • Dust-free
  • No risk of skin irritation
  • No risk of respiratory harm
  • Class A Fire Rated

PolyPhon™ Acoustical Panels also offer several other advantages that standard fiberglass panels cannot match, such as being tackable, high resiliency, and the material’s ability to be installed without covering of any kind. PolyPhon™ is available now in white 49″ X 97″ panels and can be ordered through an Acoustical Solutions rep at 1-800-782-5742.