ClearSonic products help captivate and control sound for musical instruments and vocals, on stage or in the studio. Drum shield panels are used to block the direct path of sound by providing separation between instruments. The ClearSonic IsoPacs, available in an array of configurations, provide isolation for drums, guitars amps, brass and woodwind instruments or can be used as a vocal booth. Amplifiers shields help to tame volume without sacrificing tone. Sorber panels are used in many of these systems to provide absorption, or can be used as a free-standing baffle.

ClearSonic AmpPac 10

ClearSonic AmpPac 11

ClearSonic AmpPac 20

ClearSonic AmpPac 21

ClearSonic AmpPac 30

ClearSonic AmpPac 31

ClearSonic AmpPac 32

ClearSonic AmpPac 33

ClearSonic AmpPac 40

ClearSonic AmpPac 41

ClearSonic AmpPac 50 (LesliePac 1)

ClearSonic AmpPac 51 (LesliePac 2)

ClearSonic Carrying Case

ClearSonic Drum Shield Panels

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ClearSonic IsoPac A

ClearSonic IsoPac B

ClearSonic IsoPac C

ClearSonic IsoPac D

ClearSonic IsoPac E

ClearSonic IsoPac F

ClearSonic IsoPac G

ClearSonic IsoPac H

ClearSonic IsoPac MegaPac

ClearSonic IsoPac MiniMega

ClearSonic Sorber Acoustic Panel and Gobo

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