Speech Privacy Without the Noise!

PrivacyShield® Speech Privacy Without the Noise!

Protecting speech privacy is critical in both commercial and private spaces. If sensitive information is leaked or mis-communicated, it could alter corporate negotiations or violate HIPPA regulations. Additionally, sound and noise from adjacent spaces or machinery is can be distracting, cause fatigue and reduce employee productivity.

To achieve speech privacy, sound masking systems have traditionally been deployed. These systems broadcast white noise to mask communication. It is a viable low-budget solution, but sound masking actually lowers speech intelligibility, making it more difficult to hear someone speaking. Being exposed to the noise of a sound masking system for extended periods can also increase worker fatigue and lower productivity.

PrivacyShield™ System

Think about going on a long trip with all the windows in your vehicle slightly open. This creates wind noise, making it hard to carry on conversations or hear the stereo. As soon as you roll up your windows, it becomes much quieter and it is easier to carry on a conversation. The PrivacyShield® system works in the same manner, by creating a sound seal to prevent sound transmission.

PrivacyShield™ Noise Insulation Class (NIC)

PrivacyShield® products put a sound barrier in place between you and the noise source, eliminating the need for sound masking. You can then carry out your conversations without having to raise your voice over a noisy, sound masking system. It also provides speech privacy.

  • PrivacyShield® soundproofing materials are specifically used in existing suspended ceiling grids.
  • PrivacyShield® Ceiling Tile Barriers are installed on top of existing ceiling tiles and add mass to block sound.
  • PrivacyShield® Light Hoods install over the existing lights to reduce sound transmission, while allowing required airflow. PrivacyShield Plenum Return Silencers reduce the amount of sound that can pass into the ceiling plenum system.

PrivacyShield® products can be combined with sound barriers, acoustic door seals, soundproof doors, and acoustic panel kits to create a completely soundproofed room.

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