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The Acoustone Speaker Grill Cloth Cover is designed and engineered for sound transmissibility and aesthetic appearance.

The unique and versatile qualities of the speaker grill cloth make it suitable for a wide variety of applications. The engineered fabric construction of the speaker grill cloth cover allows sound to pass through the synthetic round threads with minimum interference. The result is a top quality speaker grill cloth engineered for sound reproduction.

The Acoustone speaker grill cloth is suitable for walls, for organ lofts in churches, for covering clusters of speakers in auditoriums and for any space through which sound needs to pass.

Acoustone Speaker Grille Cloth Covers are inherently flame retardant (Class 1 fire-rated), mildew proof – fine for outdoor use, have excellent fade resistance and are easily cleaned by vacuuming or washing. The Acoustone speaker grill covers will not fray at the edges after cutting.

View Color Chart – While we make every attempt to accurately display fabrics, colors can vary depending on your Screen Resolution.  Before ordering, please request a fabric sample to ensure color and texture.

Acoustone Speaker Grill Cloth
Fabric No.Width2-24 Yards25+ Yards
FR407, FR90536″$25.00 per yard$19.25 per yard
72″$47.25 per yard$36.25 per yard
FR248, FR250, FR260, FR270, FR280, FR345, FR360, FR3402, FR3403, FR7000, FR7003, FR7006, FR7007, FR7008, FR701536″$27.50 per yard$21.25 per yard
72″$52.25 per yard$40.25 per yard
FR100536″$30.25 per yard$23.25 per yard
72″$57.75 per yard$44.25 per yard
FR1000, FR101036″$34.00 per yard$26.25 per yard
72″$60.75 per yard$46.50 per yard
FR40136″$25.00 per yard$19.25 per yard
FR1003, FR100536″$30.25 per yard$23.25 per yard
FR7001, FR7010, FR701236″$27.50 per yard$21.25 per yard
FR7002, FR7004, FR701372″$52.25 per yard$40.25 per yard
P297-1072″$33.25 per yard$25.50* per yard
P270072″$33.50 per yard$25.75* per yard
P7000-1, P900072″$35.75 per yard$27.50* per yard
P5000-272″$35.75 per yard$27.50* per yard
Notes: There is a 2 yard minimum order. A $30 cut fee applies to all orders under 5 yards. On all orders for 72″ wide fabric, please call in due to special shipping requirements. For pricing on 25+ yards, orders must be made by phone.

For more information on our Acoustone Speaker Grill Cloth, call us at 1-800-782-5742 or contact our sales department.


  1. :

    Hello, could you please tell me the difference between FR407, FR905 speaker fabric? Thank you.

  2. :

    Hello, Could you tell me which one is for speaker fabric?

    • :

      Hi Jessica,

      All of the varieties listed here are speaker fabric. Please call in if you have additional questions! 800-782-5742

  3. :

    I am looking to use this for the openings in my home theater cabinets to hide speakers and other equipment. According to other answers, sound as well as remote controls signals will pass though just fine. My only question then is how transparent they are and whether you will be able to see right through them or whether they will properly hide the equipment. Thanks for your help!

    • :

      Hi Frank,

      The fabrics are transparent to sound and other remote signals, but are opaque enough to hide equipment. Take a look at our Acoustone Speaker Cloth case study to get a better idea of what it will look like.

  4. :

    Can you confirm FR7008 to be black in color ??

    • :

      Hi Blane,

      Yes, the FR7008 is black.

  5. :

    We are thinking of using this cloth to transmit sound, but also to allow remote control signals to pass through to hidden electronic equipment behind the fabric. Will remote control signals pass through this fabric?

    • :

      Hi Zach,

      We actually tested this recently with video game equipment and signals transmitted through the fabric fine.

  6. :

    Can your speaker cloth be printed on by a local print company? I would like to print theatre posters onto the cloth in a home theatre to cover over speakers? Please advise. Thank you.

    • :

      Trish – Unfortunately, printing on Acoustone speaker cloth will clog the openings through which sound is meant to pass. This will lower the speaker’s sound quality.

  7. :

    Your cloth looks great. Where can I find the track that is used to install this?

  8. :

    Very nice selection of colors and patterns!! Do you have graphs showing the acoustical performance of your material from 1 to 20KHz? Thank you!!

    • :

      John C. – Thanks for your comments. The fabrics themselves would have no effect on the performance of any acoustical products because they are sound transparent. But for our products that offer sound absorption, our acoustical wall panels or ceiling tiles for example, we include acoustical performance on the product data sheet located under the resources tab. Typically the highest we go is 4KHz though.

  9. :


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