Blanket Enclosure

Blanket Enclosure
Blanket EnclosureBlanket EnclosureBlanket Enclosure

A Sound Blanket Enclosure is custom made from modular sound blanket panels to very effectively absorb noise energy and block sound transmission.

These sound enclosures are available in interior or exterior grade, as well as with a silicone facing for high temperature applications.

Depending on the desired function and performance, these blanket enclosures are manufactured using the ABBC-13 AudioSeal® or the ABSC-25 AudioSeal® Sound Blankets. Please visit the individual product pages for additional information.

The blanket panels used offer superior acoustical performance and the flexibility to design-to-order with many available options, such as additional colors, doors-openings, windows and a variety of sizes.

For more information on our Blanket Enclosure, call us at 1-800-782-5742 or contact our sales department.

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    What do you recommend for noise suppression in an enclosure for a portable electric generator?

    • :

      Hi Tom,

      If you already have an enclosure constructed, our Composite Foam would work well as a lining because they have a noise barrier and sound absorbing power.

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    What do you recommend to reduce the noise from my neighbor’s swimming pool equipment? The equipment is up against the exterior stucco wall of his home and is also enclosed be a three sided concrete block walls with a wooden door. There is no top on the enclosure. Thanks.

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      I’d either recommend the same product used for these enclosures, the exterior grade AQFA-10 blankets, to line all of the walls or the 2″ Polysorpt panels. Your neighbor did well in surrounding the pump to block the sound, but the hard surfaces around it are now amplifying the sound before it blasts out the open top of the enclosure and bounces off his house towards the neighbors. The blankets or panels will provide an absorptive layer inside the enclosure which will greatly reduce the amount of sound trying to escape.

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