Carnegie Xorel Acoustic Fabric


Carnegie Xorel Acoustic Fabric


Sold By: Linear Yard
Size: 56" Wide
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Carnegie Xorel Acoustic Fabric is a high performance interior fabric. It may be used for to wrap a panel, as a wall covering, for upholstery, and many other types of interior decoration.

We currently have a selection of Carnegie Xorel Meteor 6427 753 Fabric available on clearance!

Technical information:

  • Width: 56″
  • Fire Rating: Class A or 1 per ASTM E84
  • Contents: 100% IFR Xorel
  • Intended Use: acoustic panel fabric, upholstery, wall covering
  • NRC: 0.90 when wrapped on a 2″ thick panel


  • This clearance fabric is available for ONLINE PURCHASE ONLY.
  • All clearance item sales are final and non-returnable.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Water/Solvent & Bleach Cleanable

Xorel yarns are non-absorbent; dust and stains cannot penetrate them. Regular maintenance will keep the fabric looking new for many years. Periodic vacuuming will remove dust that may settle between the yarns. Most stains that dry between the yarns or on the surface can be eliminated by wiping the fabric with a cloth moistened with hot tap water. Some stains may require additional treatment. These stains can be cleaned with a variety of water or solvent based cleaners. When using solvent based cleaners on paperbacked Xorel fabric, test on a small area first. Residue from these cleaners must be removed with hot water and a clean sponge. After cleaning, towel dry. Hardened solids can be removed with stiff brush or a sharp-edged instrument without damaging the fabric. However, the brush or sharp instrument should not be used close to seams. Hospital grade disinfectant cleaners can be safely used on Xorel fabrics. Always follow the directions for the specific brand being used as contact times may vary depending on the product. Diluted bleach solution (up to 40%) can also be used on Xorel for disinfecting purposes. Xorel Artform can be cleaned using the same water and/or solvent based cleaners as our standard Xorel fabric offerings and is bleach cleanable. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or over wet the substrate as it may adversely affect the panel alignment and/or bond.

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Once ordered, how long does it take to receive this material?

Our clearance Carnegie Xorel Meteor Acoustic Fabric will typically ship within 1-3 Business Days.