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ClearSonic Carrying Case

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Product Description

Protect your investment with a ClearSonic Carrying Case. These super strong zippered cases help keep your ClearSonic panels looking like new! Each case will hold up to a 7-Panel system and is manufactured with a protective padded lining. The ClearSonic Carrying Case comes with handles and a zippered pouch and the cases include a one-year warranty.

Soft shell CSP cases are great for light-duty storage and occasional transport. If your Clearsonic panels (CSP) will be doing some serious touring, we recommend ClearSonic hard cases. Soft cases will hold up to a 7-panel AX2412, A1224, A2448 or A2466 CSP system and feature a sewn-in padded lining, carry handles, and a zippered pouch.

Clearsonic heavy-duty hard cases are designed to take the punishment of a major road tour. Our hard cases are made using durable 0.01-inch thick molded ABS plastic and feature plenty of foam padding, plywood reinforced end panels, stamped zinc-plated steel corners, aluminum angle brackets, heavy nylon straps to keep the case securely closed, and an ample number of spring-loaded cushioned handles for easy and comfortable transport.

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