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ClearSonic Drum Shield Panels

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Product Description

The ClearSonic Drum Shield Panels provide acoustic separation between instruments on stage or in the studio within an interior space. This helps reduce drum bleed into vocal or instrument microphones and lowers stage volume so that everyone can hear himself or herself better. Our durable, full-length transparent hinge allows our systems to fold “accordion style” for easy transport and storage. There are no gaps between panels for sound to escape. Made from high quality, 1/4-inch thick clear acrylic with cable cutouts between all panels.

There are a large variety of ClearSonic Panel package offerings. The first number of the package is designated for the height of the Panels, and the second number designates the number of ClearSonic Panels used in that package. Packages vary from 2′ high up to 5’6″ high with extra height extenders available. Each panel set comes in a standard 2′ width for easy portability. For example, the A4-4 package is 4′ high by 8′ wide (consisting of 4 ClearSonic Panel sections, each 2′ wide).

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