Firestop Putty Pad

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Firestop Putty Pad (Single Gang)

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Firestop Putty Pad

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Firestop Putty Pad - DiagramFirestop Putty Pad (Single Gang)

A Firestop Putty Pad provides acoustical sealant for wall penetrations in the form of a release lined pad that is ease to apply to electrical boxes or other penetrates. The pad is conveniently sized to fit standard single or double gang boxes with no cutting or piercing required. Faced on both sides with a poly liner, Firestop Putty Pads are easily applied with no mess or excessive residue.

Firestop Putty Pads may also be used through penetrations for wire, cable, etc. Strips of the pad may be cut off and packed around any wall opening. Pad strips may also be applied to penetrate in a mortar system to create a firestop, as well as to absorb movement due to expansion and contraction or resonate vibration. No other product is as easy and versatile to use, and has tested and proven fire and acoustical resistance.

Technical Article: Firestop Putty Pads: When, Where and How to use them


Firestop Putty Pad
SKUDescriptionDimensionsQuantityPrice per box
SELFSPUT725PK20Single Gang7.25″ x 7.25″ x 3/16″20 pads$96.20
SELFSPUT900PK20Double Gang9.00″ x 9.00″ x 3/16″20 pads$180.20


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1 review for Firestop Putty Pad

  1. 5 out of 5


    Separates easy and fits snugly.

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