IAC Acoustics Accutone2™ Music Practice Room


IAC Acoustics Accutone2™ Music Practice Room is completely engineered to enable musicians to rehearse and record within a controlled and self-contained environment. These practice rooms isolate the room from external airborne noise, mitigate internally generated sounds and provide optional vibration isolation from structure-borne noise transmission. The prefabricated panel design makes for simple and cost-effective installation, giving dimensional flexibility for both solo and group practice spaces.

Easily complement any architectural design with a variety of color options and finishes. Each room comes with interior acoustic treatment, an acoustic door with magnetic seals, integrated power, lighting and other options as required. Single wall constructed models can be configured to achieve NIC (Noise Isolation Class) 45, 50, 53 or 60, while double wall models can reach up to NIC 70.

Create stand-alone units or a suite of rooms with either rectangular or non-parallel walls. The standard rooms are constructed from 4″ thick Noise-Lock® panels and offer a fitting environment for isolating sound produced by instruments, vocals or music at higher volumes. The IAC Acoustics Music Practice Rooms may be completely configured to virtually any shape, size or space.


  • Guaranteed sound isolation ratings
  • Cleaner and faster installation
  • Modular design allows for relocation or expansion
  • Silent ventilation

Technical Information for Accutone2™ Music Practice Room:

  • Size: Custom as required
  • Colors: 12 standard colors
  • Walls: Single or double wall construction
  • Ceiling: Perforated acoustic ceiling
  • Flooring: Laminate or wood
  • Door: Acoustically rated (STC 51, 53, 55 or 61)
  • Ventilation System: Wall or roof mounted
  • Lighting: Ceiling mounted for spot LED track lights
  • Electrical: Two double receptacle outlets

Standard Accutone2™ Music Practice Room Models:

  • 30 MPR: 4″ single wall construction NIC: 45
  • 40 MPR: 4″ single wall construction NIC: 50
  • Enhanced MPR: 4″ single wall construction with 1″ enhancement package NIC: 53
  • 800 MPR: 4″ single wall with 4″ enhancement package NIC: 60
  • 120 MPR: 12″ double wall construction NIC: 70
Sound Transmission Loss (dB)       
Room Model1252505001000200040008000NIC
30 MPR2332425153575545
40 MPR2537485559605850
Enhanced MPR2841505859616253
800 MPR3349566571747360
120 MPR4762839199979170
Sound Absorption             
Room Model125250500100020004000NRC
30 MPR0.490.370.830.960.991.000.80
40 MPR0.490.370.830.960.991.000.80
Enhanced MPR0.350.651.
800 MPR1.
120 MPR0.490.370.830.960.991.000.80


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