IAC Acoustics Moduline® Acoustic Enclosures


IAC Acoustics Moduline® Acoustic Enclosures protect workers and the community from noise generated by manufacturing and power generating machinery. In industrial settings, noise from this equipment frequently exceeds OSHA limits for hearing safety while also impeding communication. Without noise control remediation, local noise ordinances at plant property lines may be exceeded. Acoustic enclosures are an effective and efficient way to address these problems.

Access to over 12 different acoustic panel constructions provides options to find the most cost-effective solution to treat any given noise control problem. IAC Acoustics Moduline® Acoustic Enclosures are a modular system with a single-piece roll-formed “H” joiner for certified acoustic performance. This reduces the risk of compromised performance over a “stick-built” solution, where performance is based on varying assumptions and trade practices. Systems may be ordered with Noise Lock sound control door and window systems, permitting access and visibility while maintaining acoustic isolation. Enclosures may be outfitted with floating floors, HVAC silencers, ventilation, UL rated assemblies, blast protection, air conditioning, lighting and much more.

The Moduline® enclosures typically ship knocked-down as a set of components for simple and cost-effective shipment and assembly. Designs may be produced for both interior and exterior installation sites. Typical applications for IAC Acoustics Moduline® Acoustic Enclosures include diesel engine gen-sets, compressor enclosures, in-plant personnel noise shelters, control rooms, operator pulpits, vehicle and component test cells, and other noisy equipment.


  • Lab certified acoustic ratings
  • Broad range of performance levels
  • UL fire rated constructions
  • Versatile modular constructions
  • Simple to install, disassemble or reconfigure
  • Durable powder coated finish
Sound Transmission Loss (Hz)
Noise Shield Regular202127384858676640
Noise Shield Septum211923355060687237
Mill Duty Regular282728415057576443
Noise Lock I252731415160656644
Noise Lock II &
Fire Noise Lock
Super Noise Lock313435445463626848
Noishield Hard223345525868756556
Noise Lock III203651687583847359
Noise Lock II Hard213050607379807162
Noise Lock IV Hard213050607379807162
Gemini Regular344858697582867670
Sound Absorption (Hz)
Noise Shield Regular0.891.
Noise Shield Septum0.500.681.
Noise Lock I, II, Fire Noise Lock
& Super Noise Lock
Noishield Regular
with fill protection & spacer
Noise Lock III0.490.370.830.960.99.000.80
Noise Foil I & II (2″)0.350.651.
Noise Foil I & II (4″)0.971.391.341.
Noise Foil V0.240.951.130.990.940.861.00


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