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Privacy Pal Partition Clip


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Product Description

Our Privacy Pal Partition Clip is used in conjunction with back to back rigid acoustical panels in order to create a free-standing desktop acoustical partition. Custom 2″ thick panels are manufactured using 1″ fabric wrapped panels glued back to back. This creates a panel that has fabric on both sides. The panels are then inserted into the Privacy Pal Partition Clips to create the partition. You can use this system for a temporary or portable acoustic solution.

  • The 90-degree partition clip is a good solution for a single desk.
  • Use the 3-way partition clip to partition a desk into two separate areas.
  • You can separate a larger area into 4 smaller areas with the 4-way partition clip.

The clips are easy to assemble and may be paired with fabric wrapped acoustical panels in an array of colors and sizes.


Offices, Conference Rooms, Call Centers, HR Departments, Legal Departments and Medical Facilities.


  • Create a temporary or portable desktop acoustical partition
  • For use with 2″ thick fabric wrapped panels (Two 1″ thick panels glued back to back)
  • Brushed stainless steel design
  • Improve noisy work environments
  • Greatly improves speech privacy
  • Higher worker productivity
  • Improved worker morale

Technical Information for Privacy Pal Partition Clip

Installation Method

Field assemble clips using provided bolts, washers and hex nuts to complete the desired assembly. Insert acoustical panels as required to create the assembled partition.

*Note: When calculating panel sizes, remember to subtract 2″ from the full length of the panel.

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