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SONEX® Geometric Ceiling Cloud


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Product Description

The Sonex® Geometric Ceiling Cloud provides excellent sound absorption with three shapes for design flexibility for use in any application. These acoustic ceiling clouds are designed to reduce echo and reverberation in large open spaces, especially when there is minimal space for acoustic wall treatments.

Sonex® Geometric Ceiling Cloud are lightweight and easy to install. Suspend these ceiling clouds using corkscrew hangers & cable (Sold Separately). The corkscrew hangers pierce and screw into the back of the foam cloud to provide an attachment point for wire or cable. Appropriate hardware to mount cables or wire to your ceiling may be purchased locally or provided by your installer.


Technical Information for Sonex® Geometric Ceiling Cloud

Sound Absorption (Hz)
Sabins per 4’x8′ per ASTM C423-07
Thickness 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 AVE
3″ 6.4 22.1 44.3 55.9 58.9 60.6 45.3

Installation Method

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