SoundVAC™ Duct Liner

SoundVAC Duct Liner

SoundVAC™ Duct Liner is a simple and cost effective method of reducing background noise caused by noisy duct work.

The SoundVAC™ Duct Liner is easy to cut, trim and install and will offer both sound and thermal insulation.

It is a light weight, porous, class 1 Fire Rated acoustical foam and is offered in thicknesses ranging from ½ ” up to 2″ thickness and sheet sizes ranging from 2′ x 2′ up to 4′ x 8′.

The liner is also mold and mildew resistant and can protect the duct from damaging condensation that can affect indoor environment quality (IEQ).


  • Non-Fibrous, no masks or gloves needed for installation
  • Resistant to microbial growth, passes UI 181 for mold growth
  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Class 1 Fire Rated per ASTM E84


  • Schools + Universities
  • Libraries
  • Offices + Conference Rooms
  • Hotels
  • Entertainment Facilities
SoundVAC™ Duct Liner
Model NumberColorFire RatingSheet SizeThickness# Sheets per BoxPrice per Box
AM-.5-22Light GreyClass 12′ x 2′1/2″12$133.00
AM-.5-24Light GreyClass 12′ x 4′1/2″24$469.00
AM-1-22Light GreyClass 12′ x 2′1″24$367.50
AM-1-24Light GreyClass 12′ x 4′1″12$321.00
AM-1-44Light GreyClass 14′ x 4′1″12$593.00
AM-1-48Light GreyClass 14′ x 8′1″25$1,867.00
AM-1.5-22Light GreyClass 12′ x 2′1 1/2″16$327.00
AM-1.5-24Light GreyClass 12′ x 4′1 1/2″8$255.00
AM-1.5-44Light GreyClass 14′ x 4′1 1/2″8$583.00
AM-1.5-48Light GreyClass 14′ x 8′1 1/2″14$1,503.00
AM-2-22Light GreyClass 12′ x 2′2″12$227.00
AM-2-24Light GreyClass 12′ x 4′2″6$236.00
AM-2-44Light GreyClass 14′ x 4′2″6$532.00
AM-2-48Light GreyClass 14′ x 8′2″10$1,307.00


For more information on our SoundVAC™ Duct Liner, call us at 1-800-782-5742 or contact our sales department.


  1. :

    I have duct work from the bathroom fans that lets in loud noise from a nearby train. Is there any product you sell that can help insulate this? I am the owner of the condo. I wonder if there is sound absorbing material I could insert along the path of the duct work to at least dim the sound from echoing within the duct itself. Or is there some type of opening/closing device that can be installed. Thanks.

    • :

      Hi Jeff,

      the SoundVAC Duct Liner here will help absorb noise traveling through and out of the vent in your bathroom as long as it is installed between your vent and where the sound is initially entering your ductwork. You could also replace a portion of your existing ductwork with an Inline Duct Silencer.

  2. :

    I have a wall in my apartment that’s 12 inches short of reaching the ceiling.The building was a school building,turned in to a apartment complex.The wall in question is a wall between the living room and bedroom.What would be the best solution to block the sound between rooms? Also the easiest to install? Thank You Ken

    • :

      Hi Ken,

      You probably can’t do permanent construction in this apartment, so mass loaded vinyl is out. You can install a barrier panel over this opening, or a barrier blanket, but what I think would look best is installing a window seal and adding a plate of heavy glass. The denser the material you install in the window seal, the more noise it will stop.

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