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  • Shooting Range Soundproofing: Damping Sound with PolySorpt™

    Eagle Gun Range in the Dallas-Fort Worth area needed a solution for gunshot noise within their indoor shooting ranges to reduce noise intensity for the safety and comfort of its visitors. They used PolySorpt™ Acoustical Wall Panels to completely cover back and side walls, reducing reverberation time and decibel level of gunfire.

    Application Introduction

    Eagle Gun Range in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas opened last year knowing that it would need sound control.

    “These types of facilities always need some sort of soundproofing or acoustical treatment,” says Kregg Hill, Acoustical Solutions Rep for Dallas-Fort Worth, “and these indoor ranges especially – the sound of the gunshots reverberates in the small rooms and is amplified. It’s pretty dangerous and can damage your hearing pretty quickly if proper treatment isn’t installed”.

    shooting range soundproofing

    Treatment Provided

    PolySorpt™ Acoustical Panels were installed completely covering the back and side walls of each indoor range at the facility. These panels are highly sound-absorptive and durable – making them the perfect shooting range soundproofing product.

    2013-03-05 11.27.09

    “The goal here was to reduce noise for people inside the ranges, using the facility. The panels absorb waves before they have a chance to reverberate or accumulate. There are almost no hard surfaces in here now, so it’s as quiet as a shooting range can get,” says Hill.

    shooting range soundproofing

    Quantitive Results

    The owners of Eagle Gun Range are very pleased with the acoustical treatment and say that length and intensity of gunshot noise has decreased significantly.

    shooting range soundproofing

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