versipanel image Introduction

Many of us are changing our home spaces in to work, fitness and even virtual learning spaces for home schooling.  In today’s world, the need for isolation in a limited space is in high demand, especially when everyone in the family needs it simultaneously.  This doesn’t need to be overly complex.  With the right room dividers and sound masking systems everyone can get their work done.


What are Virtual Learning Spaces?

A Virtual Learning Space is a space that provides little distraction for both the student and teacher.  It can be easily set up with a simple VersiPanel and Sound Masking System.  Just these two elements make a huge impact and create isolation even in shared spaces.


Why are Virtual Learning Spaces Important?

They allow the student to focus all their attention, even in a shared space.  They help limit echo and reverb from outside force while introducing some form of barrier to help block out noise.  The ability to concentrate in a shared space and a new virtual learning environment may be the make or break to many of our students success in the new education landscape.


versipanel image Setting Up Virtual Learning Spaces

Setting up the space is as easy as setting up our VersiPanel around a desk and adding the desktop sound masking system in the center of the room.  The Versipanel will act as a sound absorber. It limits echo and reverb in that section of the room while the Desktop Sound Masking System offers a barrier to background noise making phone calls and concentration noticeably better.



While we cannot offer the same isolation as separate rooms, this combination to eliminate background noise and offers isolation will take a shared bedroom, dining room or office and offer a usable multi student work space.


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