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ABBC-14 AudioSeal® Silicone Coated Sound Blanket


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The ABBC-14 AudioSeal® Silicone Coated Sound Blanket is a barrier backed sound panel used to block and absorb sound for interior, high temperature applications. This barrier backed composite can be used in areas with a temperature up to 550° F. These blankets are composed of a highly durable silicone coated fiberglass cloth quilted to one or two-inch-thick fiberglass batting. Then reinforced with a one pound per square foot mass loaded vinyl barrier bonded to one side. This product offers the benefits of a noise barrier and a sound absorber.

Standard blankets are constructed with grommets across the top and Velcro® along the vertical edges for easy installation and layering. ABBC-14 AudioSeal® Silicone Coated Sound Blankets are commonly used in industrial operations to contain and lower noise from mechanical equipment in high temperature environments.

Technical Information For ABBC-14 AudioSeal® Silicone Coated Sound Blanket:

  • Size:
    • Standard: 54″ (w) x 96″ (h)
    • Custom: Up to 54″ x 25′
  • Thickness: 1″, 2″
  • Color:
    • Facing: Grey
    • Barrier Back: Grey
  • Construction: Silicone-coated-fiberglass cloth faced quilted fiberglass with one pound per square foot reinforced loaded vinyl backer
  • Intended Use: High-Temperature, sound absorption, sound blocking
  • Weight (lb./sq. ft): 1.2 (1″), 1.5 (2″)
  • Temperature Range: -90 deg. F to 550 deg. F
  • Fire Rating: Class 1 or A per ASTM E84
Sound Absorption (Hz)
per ASTM C423
Sound Transmission Loss (Hz)
per ASTM E90 & E413


Cleaning and Maintenance:

Industrial grade quilted acoustical blankets may be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove the debris from the blanket surfaces.  In addition, any product surface that is not a scrim facing may be cleaned with an air hose or any non-solvent based cleaning product.  A typical “all-purpose cleaner” that contains ingredients such as “water, detergents, and grease cutter” is recommended.  Similar suitable brand names are Formula 409, Top Job, Spic & Span, and Mr. Clean.

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