Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment

Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment
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Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment


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The Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment is an acoustic floor underlayment material made of extruded nylon filaments which form a three dimensional core with a non-woven fabric, heat-bonded to its upper surface. This product is often use in concrete and gypcrete floor assemblies.

The durable yet pliable construction of Enkasonic® sound control matting lowers both structural and airborne sound transmission by its ability to convert and store vibrational energy.

Recommended applications for Enkasonic® floor underlayment include commercial and residential multi-story buildings such as condominiums, apartments, office buildings, hotels, schools, athletic floors and more.

Enkasonic® Perimeter Iso is a thin isolation material for use with the Enkasonic sound control material. The product is extremely flexible and light, making it easy to install and handle. The material is sold by the roll 3″ wide x 250′ in length and is 10.16mm (or .400 inches) thick.

Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment
SKUDescriptionRoll SizeCoverage1-3 Rolls
FLRENKASONICEnkaSonic39″ x 111′360 sq. ft.$492.00
FLRENKA-ISOPerimeter Seal3″ x 250′250 linear ft.$87.00

Note: Call us for quantity discounts on 4+ rolls.

For more information on our Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment, call us at 1-800-782-5742 or contact our sales department.


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Data Sheet

Data Sheet for Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment


Specifications for Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment

Install - Cellular

Install - Cellular for Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment

Install - Lightweight

Install - Lightweight for Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment

Install - Reinforced Mortar Bed

Install - Reinforced Mortar Bed for Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment

Install - Mortar Bed

Install - Mortar Bed for Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment

Install - Hardwood

Install - Hardwood for Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment

Install - Plywood

Install - Plywood for Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment

Install - Rapid Floor

Install - Rapid Floor for Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment

Install - Cement

Install - Cement for Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment

ASI Sustainability Policy

ASI Sustainability Policy for Sustainable Series Acoustic Panels

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