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Data Sheet for Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment

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Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment


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This product has been discontinued and replaced by Acousti-Mat® Floor Underlayment.

The Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment is used to increase sound isolation and reduce impact noise in wood, concrete and steel deck construction assemblies. This acoustic floor underlayment can improve the IIC (Impact Insulation Class) by up to 12 points over a wood frame and up to 20 points over concrete. This a popular choice for use in modern multi-unit housing developments. Finishes like carpet with padding are not as popular as rigid, less resilient, floor tile.

The Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment is made of extruded nylon filaments which form a three-dimensional core with a non-woven fabric, heat-bonded to its upper surface. This product is often used in concrete and gypcrete floor assemblies. Enkasonic® has an impressive IIC and STC (sound blocking) rating for all assemblies but carries no STC rating as a stand-alone material. The durable yet pliable construction of Enkasonic® sound control matting lowers structural sound transmission by its ability to convert and store vibrational energy.

Recommended applications for Enkasonic® floor underlayment include commercial and residential multi-story buildings such as condominiums, apartments, office buildings, hotels, schools, athletic floors and more. The Enkasonic® Perimeter Isolation Strip is used to isolate around the walls and other protrusions in the flooring when installing the Enkasonic® sound control mat. The product is extremely flexible and light, making it easy to install and handle. 

Technical Information for Enkasonic® Floor Underlayment:

  • Size: 39″ x 111′ roll
  • Thickness: 3/8″ (0.375″)
  • Composite Weight: 21.54 oz. per square yard
  • Fire Performance Per ASTM E84:
    • Fuel Contribution: 0
    • Smoke Contribution: 0
    • Flame Spread: 0
  • Pressure / Deflection:
    • 500 psf: 0.067″
    • 1000 psf: 0.116″
    • 2000 psf: 0.172″

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