Ceiling Sound Baffles

Sound Baffles that mount up in the ceiling are one of the most effective methods to reduce reverberation and noise, because both sides of the baffle are exposed to the room. There are many types and coverings for indoor and outdoor applications. The most economical are the PVC covered baffles that can be used in restaurants, indoor swimming pools, animal shelters, gymnasiums, and many more. They are moisture resistant and easy to clean. They come in a choice of colors to choose from, and in custom sizes up to 4'x 8' and 2'x 4' for fast shipping. All the sound baffles are manufactured with grommets for easy suspension from the ceiling.

Call us with your application to determine how many ceiling baffles are needed for your facility.

Acoustic Foam Sound Baffles

The Sonex® Whispersave baffle is the latest in a long history of sound baffle designs, intended to reduce ambient noise and excessive reverberation in rooms. They are made using a class 1 fire rated melamine foam, that offer versatility and excellent sound absorption across all frequencies. The Sonex 1 and Valueline baffles are available in the standard 2' x 4 ' configuration while the Whisperwave baffle can be standard sized up to 4'x 8'. The Whisperwave cloud can also be custom shaped to fit your design requirements.

Sonex® Clean Acoustic Sound Baffle

Sonex® One Hanging Baffle

Sonex® Plano Hanging Baffle

Sonex® Rondo Sound Baffle

Sonex® Valueline Hanging Baffle

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Whisperwave® Ribbon Sound Baffle

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Whisperwave® Sound Baffle

Budget Sound Baffles

We offer a variety of high performance baffles in sizes from 2'x2' to 4'x8', and in various thicknesses. These are used in many different room types, from swimming pools to food processing centers.

The AlphaEnviro ceiling baffle uses a acoustic fiberglass fill encapsulated in a heat sealed PVC cover for use in areas like pools, gymnasiums and animal shelters where moisture is a problem.

The polywrap sound baffle is an economical baffle covered in a white polyethylene bag used in factory and manufacturing facilities.

Sanitary baffles used in food processing and drug production plants are covered with a durable, light reflective white, reinforced Mylar sealed from moisture. All of these sound baffles combine performance with high NRC Ratings and value with high efficiency per dollar spent, to solve the most demanding of noise reduction problems.

AlphaEnviro® PVC Sound Baffle

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AlphaEnviro® Ripstop Sound Baffle

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Ecosorpt® Recycled Cotton Sound Baffle

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Polywrap Sound Baffle

Sanitary Sound Baffle

Fabric Wrapped Sound Baffles

Our Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Sound Baffles can be made using indoor and outdoor decorative fabrics.They are designed to reduce sound reverberation and unwanted reflections. The hanging baffles come in different thickness up to 4'x 10'. They are hung using grommets with tie wraps or wire. They are an excellent solution for large room noise control to increase speech intelligibility and music clarity.

AcoustiForm Sound Baffle

AlphaSorb® Sound Baffle

SoundSuede Sound Baffle