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I have place 5 orders with them. The AlphaSorb® FR701 Acoustic Panels were perfect. The first two AlphaSorb® Art Acoustic Panel was that one of them was outstanding and the other one was unusable to to poor photo reproduction. The bad one was a difficult one perhaps so I tried again on another order and it turned out ok but fell short of what it could have been. The last AlphaSorb® Art Acoustic Panel I ordered I tried to pick a picture that would reproduce well but it did not turn out well. I wanted to reproduce that beautiful experience of that first one but have failed after two tries.

Great service, Great product. Very happy

Excellent service

Despite careful packaging, the item arrived with a dent. I called and they sent a replacement immediately.

I ordered green glue for a project and needed it asap! They worked with me and made sure it got to me when I needed it. They were polite, very k owledgeable and efficient. It was a pleasure working with them and I would use their products again in the future.

The product (Vibration Isolation Mat) arrived very promptly and met all expectations. Thank you.

Great company to work with!

Great company, amazing customer service, and fast delivery. I am more than satisfied with the quality control throughout my entire ordering process. The isolation booth I ordered was shipped timely and efficiently. Upon delivery all peices of the product were in-tact and all there. Thank you!

Quality product and great service!

They produce a quality product and turned a large order around ver quckly. I've used them for over 15 years at different churches and have always had great success with getting rooms acoustically under control. I've used their acoustic 4×10 acoustic banners as well as 2" fabric-covered wall panels as well as ceiling cloud panels. Top rate every time. I will use them again.

I put my order in and it was suppose to ship within a few days. I had to call 3 weeks later about it because it hadn't shipped. Thankfully you refunded me the shipping, which I appreciated! Thanks for the quality service.

Excellent customer service from beginning to end of the process. My only complaint is the quality of workmanship on the fabric corners and sides of some of the panels.

I truly believe that the company employs staff with patience and great and knowledge that understand customer needs, helping till the project is done correctly

Helped me to select the product I purchased. Phil Euga was very knowledgeable. The product I received was better than I expected and came in a timely manner as expected. The quality of the sound barriers I purchased are awesome. I would definitely do business with them again, and I will on my next project.

Great service, great product!

I have used you for years and receive good service. This time a panel came in damaged from Old Dominion freight (you need to get rid of them they are the worst – speaking from my own experience not just this incident). We reported it on the day of delivery, sent pictures, it has been over a week and we can not find out if you guys are making a replacement panel…..

Acoustic Solutions was great! The color/print quality of our acoustic art panels is outstanding! Our local artist was thrilled with the print quality too. You could see every brush stroke and hardly tell the difference between the original art and our panels. Also, we could immediately feel a difference acoustically. We're so pleased we could solve two problems with one solution!

I absolutely love my Acoustic Wall panels and cloud ceiling panels. I was able to cut 4 inch holes in them and snap in LED recess lights on the ceiling panels. It’s suspended from the ceiling above and I installed hue rope lighting above it! It’s truly incredible.

Great product for our restaurant.

Great Service Agent and waiting to install this week. Delivery was flawless! Thanks, Steve