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kevin was awesome… very helpful and knowledgeable. totally took time to assist w/ my home project. very cool

Thank You Hunter for such amazing customer service.
I am very thankful we got a solution in a timely manner and everything continues to work smoothly for future orders.

I bought washable acoustic panels. They arrived quickly, were easy to hang, and they work great.

We ordered the beige color. The product works great for it's intended purpose but the coloring was not consistent. The panels went on the ceiling so not real visible so all is well.

I purchased the Sound Barrier mass loaded vinyl to help reduce sound transmission. As part of a custom home theater, I installed front left, right and center speakers into an existing wall. Unfortunately, the other side of the wall was a bedroom – it almost felt like the speakers were installed for the bedroom not the viewing room. The combination of MLV, soundproofing insulation and acoustical caulk eliminated about 90% of the sound into the bedroom and increased the quality of the sound in the viewing room.

Great service, a pleasure to work with Kathy. The product is awesome. I would purchase again and recommend to anyone.
Thank you 👍

Stephen continues to impress. I will recommend him to everyone who has interest.


Products are exactly as ordered, and time between ordering and delivery was less than one week. Inventory selection on the website is substantial. These products are not knock-offs but the exact name brands as ordered.