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100% satisfied. Quality material and amazing customer service. *** was a pleasure to work with. He was Very knowledgeable, and helpful in assisting me to choose the right product. Definitely will refer acoustical solutions! Thank you!

We are happy with the product. However, the customer service we received was OUTSTANDING!!! Would order from this company again if ever need be.

The impalement plates were inadequate and there was little direction as to expectations, placement and # of plates to use. We used 5-6 per panel and tried to place them just inside of the fabric wrap. We then used 2 each discreet screws 3" off of the top edge to assure they wouldn't pull away with vibration (at clients request.

Great product fit my needs perfectly.

Very satisfied with everything ; the speaker cloth looks beautiful thank you

This is the second order for these panels, the first order we had no problems, this second order we found that they were all not the same size. When we lined up in a double row some were oversize and stuck out further than others.

Thank you for the feedback. We're looking into your issue and will be in touch shortly.

Service was great and very helpful. We thought the product would have a slick coating and look a little more finished. Thank you.

Very pleased with the results. We have two gyms that have terrible acoustics problems. In one gym, we installed 4×8 panels around the room on the walls. It cut the echo down in half. The plan was to hang another 50 2×4 baffles from the ceiling. Our Parks & Rec Director decided to do the other gym walls so we have those on order. I still want to do the hanging baffles but might be in next year's budget. *** has been GREAT to work with and very helpful. 5 stars well deserved!

Product was very good and arrived promptly.

Long lead time.

A pleasure to work with

Works fine; hope it lasts a long time

Everything arrived as ordered, had no particular issue with anything. Was a typical transaction I would expect from any professional company-

everything great

Excellent customer service. Thanks.

Great service. Samples I requested were sent promptly and the grill cloth I ordered for my guitar amplifiers should work out nicely.

Great product, quick and easy ordering, fast shipping. Definitely recommend this company!

Very help full in guiding me to right product and was delivered on time

Your products work, you communicate the lead times and shipping well.

Your web site kept requesting me to log in since I was a past customer, twice my order was cancelled after filling all the billing, shipping and CC info because your system wanted me to log in. waste of time.

If I didn't already have some of your product for this project I would have gone elsewhere.

Thanks for your feedback. This issue is on our radar. Our systems currently require accounts for various reasons. Functionality like order history and tracking, order status updates, saving billing and shipping information, along with a host of other features. We know many customers do not care about these features, and for that reason, we create this account automatically for them on checkout. It is their choice whether they use it, i.e. log in again. For repeat customers like yourself, you are exactly the type of customer for which this account functionality is designed. We will try to do better to remind our repeat customers to login before they go to the trouble of entering their billing and shipping details. As an account holder, once logged in, you would not need to enter these details.

very pleased